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Erica Hu 胡曼 is a design researcher based in Shanghai (amongst other places). She is passionate about community building, rethinking the way we learn, and designing for a kinder world.

Little things she cherishes: books (Goodreads), deep breaths, loved ones, flora and fauna, time alone, music, musky smell of soil after the rain, trips to the grocery store or UNESCO sites –– and curious things we pass by without noticing.

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Causes I am passionate about:

  • Education reform

    • In the age of AI, how can we re-think education in ways that prioritize creativity, resilience, and polymathic problem-solving skills? What does AI tell us about deeper meaning of labor and knowledge?

  • Improve healthcare quality and access

    • How can we design a system where cutting-edge medicine and service can develop in tandem? In recent decades, we have witnessed a massive improvement in healthcare technology and expertise in China, yet there remains a lack of quality service to deliver that care.

  • Human-centric design solutions

    • How can we best utilize nascent AI and technologies to help us unleash our productivity and creativity? How can human-centric design help us create tools that empower instead of exploit?

  • Powerful storytelling

    • Especially in the context of Chinese cultural export. This includes both artistic production and value communication...

  • Social innovation

    • Community organization, mental health awareness ...

I care about anything related to quality economic growth and human flourishing –– always learning new things about this world! 

Happy to connect if you share similar passions or are working on relevant projects :)

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