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A personal knowledge journey app

Glia is an AI agent + platform that intuitively manages an overwhelming amount of learning materials and visualizes short-term and long-term learning journeys. At its heart, Glia wants to decipher the structure of diverse knowledge systems, be it neuroscience, physics, art history, or jewelry-making. Then we democratize that process by visualizing a more personalized learning path and knowledge palace across subjects.

Currently in development & testing. :)

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How can we find love more organically with the help of technology? In this project, I research the current market of dating apps (its exploitation as well as its benefits), decipher the changing and unchanging outlooks of love and dating, and propose a new design that could help us connect with each other in more genuine ways.

Image by Mark Pecar

Penned between 2019 and 2021, the poems in this collection pave a three-part journey: one about our self-connections, one about people and communities, and one about nature and the universe. It experiments with creative uses of white space and voices for storytelling.


Education Reimagined in the Age of AI

Understanding why we learn and the meaning of human labor




Education research database

& a research report

Email upon request :)

Image by Kelly Sikkema

As someone who moves around a lot, my best friends often live far from me all over the world. Through the years, I've loved building gift baskets for friends in times of celebration and solace to "be" there for them. This toy collects many of the gifts I've shared with people I love. 

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Mindspace Cafés

Rethinking mental health needs in cities through coffee shops

Integrating public health and behavioral science research, this two-fold business model aims to de-stigmatize mental health through building a network of care spaces that nurture health and well-being around our cities.

"Mental health support should be as accessible as a cup of coffee, and spaces that allow ourselves to feel better should be as prevalent as coffee shops in our city." 

Image by Florencia Viadana

Brought to life by learners who defy and thrive beyond academic pigeonholes, the Polymath Learning Community is where curious minds gather to learn about, read, discuss, and question everything and anything.

This experimental community dreams of one day disrupting the traditional higher-education model.

Image by Clarisse Croset
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